Blog with visit comments

Blog with visit comments More and more people seem to be writing online blogs. I'm not entirely sure how the name 'Blog' came about, but they can certainly be a good communication tool, whether you use it for personal or professional use.

Our blog service allows you to enter as many entries as you like along with a photo for each entry and room for visitors to leave their comments.

Now you don't need worry about uploading images, because they are automaticall resized for you and if a visitor leaves a comment that you would like to remove, you have the total freedom to delete it.

All aspects of administering your blog are done via our web admin (content management system).

With each blog, we will also setup an RSS feed which will automatically update as you add/edit/delete your blog entries. Then your visitors can subscribe to your blog entries and receive notifications of new entries without even having to visit your website all the time. For more information on RSS feed, click here.