SMS Messaging and Alerts

SMS Messaging and Alerts SMS (Short Message Service), also referred to as text messaging, is a common method of communication with people of all ages and professions.

We can help you integrate SMS messaging into your website, examples of how this could be used on your website are:
  • General use, via a password protected area of web admin (content management system)
  • Alert for new purchases from your online store
  • Send an alert when a new contact form has been submitted
  • SMS Marketing
  • Customer status updates
You also have the choice of whether the text message is sent from a mobile number or simply your company name. For example our SMS messages are sent from Wallace IT. If you only intend SMS messages to be informative, then it is best to send them from a name instead of a number as that way they cannot be replied to.

Each time you send and SMS message from your website, it will be logged and is viewable. When viewing a previously sent SMS, you will also have the option to resend the message if necessary.

How does this work?