Online Store and Shopping Cart

Whether your business sells just one product or several hundred products, then you can’t afford not to have an online store in this day and age.

We can set you up a complete online store with shopping cart allowing you to offer your customers an alternative way to purchase your products. This will not only reduce the amount of man hours needed to process orders, but you could also see an increase in sales as more people come across your website and products online without having prior knowledge about your company.

Payments can then either be handled via your banks payment processing pages or a third party solution such as Google Checkout or PayPal. You could even go as far as offering all three options if you wanted. We recommend a Google Checkout as the preferred method, simply because of how well it works and for its low costs (free for all of 2007). With all our online stores, you will be able to view all purchases made via our web admin section. If you wish, we can also customise this further by allowing your to view expired shopping carts as well as all purchases.