PayPal integration

PayPal integration Credit and debit card processing can be expensive and we therefore recommend using a third party company such as PayPal to handle these payments for your website transactions.

We can enable your online store and shopping cart to integrate with PayPal for your payment processing.

The integration with PayPal can also be so much more than just payment processing, it can also process your receipts and product delivery (if you sell downloadable products).

The order/payment process:
  1. A customer visits your website and adds one or more items to their shopping cart
  2. When they click checkout, they enter their name and email address and click the PayPal payment button
  3. The customer is then transferred to PayPal to make the payment
  4. When payment is successful the customer is redirected to a thank you page and PayPal communicates with a hidden page on your website to instruct it that payment was successful
  5. If you offer downloadable products, then a link to a login area for downloads will be sent to the customer
  6. A receipt can also be sent to the customer via email
  7. A notification email will also be sent to you as confirmation of the transaction
This process can be customised to your specifications. If you would like more information on this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.