Use your BT Home Hub - Use it as a print server - Windows XP guide

Use your BT Home Hub - Use it as a print server - Windows XP guide
This article was written for the BT Home Hub V1 only and has not been tested on any other versions.
Have you ever wondered what that USB port on your BT Home Hub was for? Well it turns out that you can use it to connect a printer to and therefore turning you BT Home Hub into a print server.

For some reason BT don't seem to share this information easily, I don't know why though as personally I think it's another selling point for them. The only reason I can think of is that they don't want to support it.

To set this up, follow the below (Windows Vista users, click here):

1) Connect your printer to the USB port on the BT Home Hub

2) Start the Add New Printer Wizard

3) Select to Add a local printer and make sure that the automatically detect option is unticked

4) Click Next

5) Select create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP port from the list

6) Click Next

7) Click Next

8) Enter in the printer name field and the port name will automatically be completed

9) Click Next

10) Select Custom and click the settings button

11) Select LPR

12) Select LPR Byte Counting Enabled

13) Enter the Queue Name as LPT1

14) Click OK

15) Click Next

16) Click Finish

17) Either select your printer from the list or insert the printer driver CD and click have disk

18) Click Next

19) Enter your printer name and select if you want it to be your default printer

20) Click Next

21) Select if you want to share your printer

22) Click Next

23) Print a Test Page

24) Click Next

That's it, you should now be able to print to a USB printer connected to your BT Home Hub.
We've received mixed feedback from visitors about using the BT Home Hub as a print server.  It works great for some and then also others report that it only prints once until the printer is unplugged and then reconnected to the hub.  We believe this problem is main found where the printer required bi-directional communication (i.e. printer status etc) and the BT Home Hub doesn't seem to handle it well.  If you are able to turn printer status checks etc off, it may be worth trying that.
Unfortunately we no longer have access to a BT Home Hub to try and figure out the true cause of these problems and therefore are unable to offer any support or solutions.
However, we hope you have found this article useful.

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