Set meta tags with

Set meta tags with
If you would like to set the meta tags of your page without using repeaters, then here's how to do it:
1) Insert the below meta tags into your page (notice the id and runat attribute):
  1. <meta name="description" content="description" id="MetaDescription" runat="server" />    
  2. <meta name="keywords" content="keys" id="MetaKeywords" runat="server" />  
If you're using a master page, set a ContentPlaceHolder, just below, within the master page:
  1. <asp:contentplaceholder ID="ContentMeta" runat="server" />  
So if you are using a master page, this is how your meta tags should look:
  1. <asp:content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentMeta" Runat="Server">  
  2. <meta name="description" content="description" id="MetaDescription" runat="server" />    
  3. <meta name="keywords" content="keys" id=levitra

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